I absolutely LOVE my Holy Grail candle!  It smells fabulous lit or not!  It is beautiful! I enjoyed reading through this web-site, the history of the candle and how the artists came to make it. Incredible talent, amazing candle, everyone should have one!

What a wonderful site!

I love this candle!!! The aroma from the  Frankincense and myrrh give off a spicy, exotic, almost meditative quality.

After viewing the website and learning the history of the Holy Grail, the scent takes me back in time and gives wonder as to what it was like in that time when Jesus walked on earth.


The Holy Grail Candle is not only pretty but has a wonderful, exotic scent. I can imagine that the scent was very similar to the scents that people were accustomed to during the time of Jesus. I like to burn my candle during my prayer time.

Anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to see the JESUS Film, should definitely take advantage of the link on this website to see this film. I sent the JESUS Film for Children to my grandchildren last Easter. Two of my precious grandsons watched the film... and at the end of the movie they were given the opportunity to accept Jesus as their savior, and they did! What a wonderful gift that was for me too!